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There is no family like YOUR family.

Perfectly imperfect and needing to be celebrated


the days are short

So let’s document them - the daily routines, the seemingly insignificant moments - not just for us but for our kids. The trampoline highs and the tow stubbing lows. The belly laughs and the quiet cuddles. Plus everything in between.

Here’s the easy part, just be yourself! There’s no need to wear scratchy sweaters or matching outfits-your kids can even be in their PJ’s all day (cause we all know that’s how it goes sometimes).

Here's how it works. I’ll hang out with you and your family, while you do what you usually do. I’ll be there for a couple of hours, or even a full day, and capture your everyday. That could mean a visit to the playground or the beach, pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner, bath time, bedtime, or whatever you want to remember.

If you have any specific requests such as group family pictures or individual portraits, we can still make that happen. All bookings include a consultation prior to your session to discuss all the fine details ahead of time.

Session fees start at $275 for 1-2 hours. For comprehensive session info and pricing click below to request an investment guide.

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