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Where to start? Well, I'm a  mom of two living on a wild west coast island in BC. My house is always messy but is filled with love and laughter and I wouldn't change a thing. Well...having kids that pick up their socks would be nice.

​I fell in love with documentary photography when I realized I cared more about the moments that seemed to be flying by than having picture perfect posed photos of my family.

​Now I strive to create joyful and emotive photography for families and businesses. 

I'm here for busy moms who want to keep their kids small forever, but can't wait to watch them grow up. I know the struggle of balancing work and family, worrying that you're missing out on important moments while juggling the chaos of daily routines. There never seems to be enough time, am I right?! But I can give you something to remember all the tiny moments of your life that are so important but go by so quickly. And I can make sure you are part of it all too.

I’m here for business owners and non-profits who want to share their story in creative and compelling ways. Drawing on many years of experience in design & marketing, I strive to combine evocative documentary photography, presented with the eye of an accomplished art director to create beautiful images that will make your brand shine.

Let's connect and plan your session today!


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