Let the adventure begin...

Things have been a bit busy so it's been awhile since I've posted any stories. Photoshoots and planning birthday parties have occupied my days but we also embarked on a pretty cool adventure that we've been wanting to do for a while.

We often hike...it's one of the things we do all as a family. This spring our kids began asking for a hike that also involved camping and of course we were up for the adventure...in theory. Fast forward 6 months, a lot of planning, practicing, and gear buying ($$) later and we were ready to hit the trail. We decided to go somewhere that none of us had been before, only seeing photos and maps online...oh and did I mention that this was our first camping trip since before COVID. No pressure right?!

We loaded up our backpacks last weekend and off we were. Into the wildnerness with waaay much too much stuff we didn't need and not enough things we did (warm clothes...seriously it was 2 degrees and almost all of us froze during the night). Luckily our kids are troopers and we only had a few tense moments and tons of amazing vistas to keep us going.

Lake Helen Mackenzie

I know that we made so many memories on this short trip that we will hold with us forever. Even if it was how cold we were 🥶 or the campsite robbing birds that followed us around wherever we went (seriously a highlight for my animal obsessed kids).

So going through all our photos from our trip made me realize a couple things. One, that these memories we made, the adventures we take, are the most important thing we can give our kids. Watching them interact in nature, appreciate it's beauty, and understand it's fragility are the real lessons we need to pass on

"Give your kids adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show." ~Unknown.

The second thing I realized, I am not in ANY of the photos. Granted I never handed my camera off since we were loaded down with backpacks that weighed 40 lbs. But still. This is the one photo I sort of appear in...and it's just my filthy feet 😂

I've been really making a point this last year to get in the frame but with the chaos of this trip it went by the wayside. The thing I want most is to give families the chance to have their memories - their adventures - documented how they should be, with ALL of them in it.

That's why I'm offering up a couple of free adventure sessions this Fall 🙌. All families deserve to have their amazing adventures documented so applications are being accepted now with only limited spots available. All you have to do is describe your ultimate Vancouver Island adventure and tell me how awesome your family is!

More details are available here. Let the adventure begin!


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