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Today was the first day that there was a small glimmer of hope of life returning back to normal. Yesterday (in BC anyway) it was announced that restrictions are being lifted and there is light at the end of this endless tunnel of uncertainty.

This, in my world, coincided with a giant tree being cut down across the street from us. As I sat in a spot that I have so many times over the last 14 months, I basked in the new light that was able to shine through our windows. I thought to myself how funny it was to suddenly go from dark to light all in one day.

As we wrap our heads around venturing out of our bubble more, I want to stress the importance of your home and why it should be documented as a part of your life. Think about it...in the last year, your house was a source of constant security. As the world fell apart all around us, we were told to stay home where it was safe. Yes, it was difficult sometimes...ok most times...to coexist with all the different personalities for long stretches of time. The daily routine of going to work or school was out of the question, now all of those things happened in your house. But think of what a unique time it was! Quite quickly we will be back to our new normal, and even though this time will be imprinted on our lives for many years to come, it will be a distant memory. Don't let it go without capturing a little of the magic that exists within your walls.

Over the weekend I was able to capture (with all proper COVID precautions) a family who were about to embark on a major renovation and wanted to capture what their home looked like prior to. I love this idea, whether you're moving, renovating or going through a major life change - capturing exactly what your life looked like before - for your family history. Think about being able to look back and reminisce over that crack in the ceiling you laid below for years...or how you all squeezed into one tiny bathroom. How your kids will be able to see pictures of them playing in their childhood bedroom.

These are moments frozen in time.

So today as I sat in my newly brighter living room, I thought back to all the memories that I was able to capture in our house during this last year. From the first few days of homeschooling to our renovation that is finally almost finished, a summer of sprinklers and backyard camping, and the simple everyday moments that we shared together. These are images that I will treasure forever. This is our history. When we look back to what life was like during this strange time we will instantly be transported back to this house, to these walls that kept us cozy and safe and contained the chaos that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Whether you have a big life event coming up or just want to capture some memories in your home, let's chat.


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