Adventure ideas for Father's Day

The fast track to Father's Day is on! Anyone else feel like it was JUST the beginning of May? Luckily there's still a bit of time to plan something awesome for the Dad (or Grandpa, Uncle, Mom pulling dad duty...I digress) in your life.

With things opening up there's so many ways to get out and celebrate Father's Day (patio anyone?) and I'm sure you'll be taking advantage of gathering with loved ones (if possible). If you're looking to head into nature for Dad's Day here are a few things that my kids and I like to do with their Dad. It might spark some ideas ⚡️

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Take a hike

Hiking is part of our regular repitoire of adventures. We're so lucky here on the Island to have many incredible trails basically right in our backyard. Usually if we're heading out on a special hike, we venture off our beaten path and try somewhere new. We usually pack a lunch or delicious snacks and make it last for a couple hours. My kids love following their Dad on offshoot trails & schooling him on the native plants that they are learning about in school. 🤣

We're big fans of the All Trails App and have recently done a couple Geo Cache's which always add to the adventure. So pick up a few of Dad's fav picnic foods and head out to explore!

Hit the beach

June is always a question mark when it comes to weather but since we can enjoy the beach in any weather it makes for a perfect Father's Day excursion. We love "tailgating" which basically means we eat a picnic (or Happy Meals) from the back of our vehicle while trying to keep the seagulls away (bring blankets if the wind is blowing). If the weather is nice, being able to have a fire near a beach and roast hot dogs would be a great way to celebrate! Who doesn't love meat in tube form? An Island beach date is not complete until you turn over every single rock to look for crabs 🦀 and test out the driftwood to see if it will hold you and make a good teeter totter. 😅

Ride some bikes

Bike riding is SO not my thing but definitely is my husband's! Now that the kids are getting more into it, we definitely are spending more time on two wheels. Plan a bike excursion for Father's Day complete with yummy food (are you sensing a theme 🧐) or ride to a coffee shop or favourite watering hole. If you're kids aren't up for a big ride yet, a quick trip down the street or an empty school parking lot can still be a lot of fun (and leads to the last tip!)

just play

Dad's are always young at heart and usually up for a good game of baseball, a wrestle or a round of video games. Father's Day is no exception. Challenge Dad to a water, paint, 👉insert messy thing here👈 fight. We did eco-friendly confetti for Easter and it was a blast! Or head to the playground or school park and help Dad relive his childhood a bit. More of a gamer? Make it a family affair and have everyone take a turn. We busted out my Husband's video game systems from when he was a kid (yep there was an Atari) and it's so fun to watch him and the kids play the games.

No matter what you do for Father's Day I'm sure it will be magical! Make sure to try and capture a few photos of Dad and the kids...he'll appreciate it 💚



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