Your Home.

The place you’ve chosen to spend the most important hours of your day, with people who mean the most to you.


As a parent I know that life at home can be…messy, cluttered, imperfect. But all of that is also incredibly beautiful when you look back on it. 


Home is where you’re in your element…where you can relax and be yourselves. So let your children stay in the place they’re most comfortable. Let them wear that shirt that they never want to take off…because one day it will be too small and you'll be able to look back on that memory and smile.

What to Expect


I know you have your “thing”. The thing that you do as a family that is unique to you. For us, it’s family pillow fights, pizza movie nights, Sunday morning breakfast tacos…I could go on. These little things are part of our family history, things I never want to forget.


For your session, let’s capture some of YOUR things! We’ll work together to make sure that your family’s uniqueness shines through. 


Sessions range from 1.5-3 hours which gives us plenty of time for snack breaks, potty breaks and lots of play time. I love working with kids and families and always have ideas and tricks up my sleeve to make our time together magical.


Plus chances are you have a long list of in-home activities that your child is always doing: reading books, drawing, playing dress up, jumping on the bed? Sure! During an in-home session, I want to see your children living their lives and you doing it all with them. You deserve to be seen. 



The investment for Home Sessions start at $265 and includes travel and shoot time, professional editing, and a 2-3 minute video slideshow. 


Image packages and more info can be found in my client guide.


Ready to begin your adventure?