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YES! I’m so excited that we get to work together! I can’t wait to create some beautiful images for you and your family. 

To break things down and make it super simple for you to understand the process, I’ve put a list below on what to expect and tried to answer all of the most frequently asked questions that come up before a session. 

I want you to feel calm, prepared and ready to make the most of our time together so I can create some beautiful timeless images of you and the ones you love!


You can reach me anytime at

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Session pricing

Home time
Pre Session phone or video chat
1.5-2 hour photo session in your home
Professionally edited proof gallery 
Short slideshow of photos set to music


Adventure time
Pre Session phone or video chat
Photographer travel/scouting time
1.5-2 hour on-location photo session 
Professionally edited proof gallery 
Short slideshow of photos set to music


image pricing

Package A
Purchase your full Gallery of photos to download and share (min 50)


Package b
Choose your favourite 25 images to download and share.

Package c
Choose your favourite 10 images to download and share.

Choose single individual images to download and share.




Megan made our photoshoot so easy and seamless. I was worried it was going to feel contrived to get the kids gathered for good shots but it all felt so natural. The candid shots are my favourites


Megan is an incredible photographer. We hired her to take pictures of us in our house before we renovate and they are amazing!


Megan was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has taken photos of our family twice and we love working with her! 





Good! Below you'll find how it will all roll out...from the first email to when you receive your photos!

Still with me?



Reach out and send me an email, I'll ask you a few questions about what you have in mind and determine what kind of session is best for your family. 



Once we've planned your amazing day, you'll pay your session fee to secure your spot in my calendar and we'll book your session your pre-session chat!



I'll send you a family questionnaire to get to know you a bit better. During our pre-chat we'll go over that and talk about what to expect during your session and how much fun we're going to have!



 I’ll arrive at your home or at our chosen location and together we’ll make some authentic and beautiful images all while having so much fun! 

I promise!



2-3 weeks after your session you will receive your online gallery and session slideshow (grab some popcorn and some Kleenex). You'll decide what photos you can't live without!


There are a few things to complete before our session together:  If you've already booked your session, you will have received a questionnaire and a session contract.


Your questionnaire is super important and gives me a huge insight into who you and your family are. I want to tailor my sessions to capture you all in the most authentic way so taking time to fill out these questions really helps me get to know you and become invested in your story. Having the opportunity to capture your family and create beautiful keepsake images you can forever treasure is something so special to me!

I also have a session agreement in place for every session so we are all on the same page about how the session works, timelines, copyright, rescheduling and a model release so I have permission to share some of your images online. If you would prefer to opt-out and keep your images private, that is not a problem at all.

A short time before your session we will have a quick online chat where we can go over any "wish list" shots you want to get, brainstorm some activity ideas and go over any questions you may have. It is great if I can say "Hi" to your whole makes the start of our actual session run a bit smoother. Please let me know if you want to do any portrait style "make the grandparents happy" photos so we can make sure to get a few of these done right off the bat.


In-Home Sessions


On the day of your session I'll arrive on time and spend a bit of time chatting and playing so that everyone can get used to me being there. Then I’d love for you, or even better, your kids to give me a little tour of your house so I can have a look at the best areas in the home that have the best light. Natural light makes for beautiful images so I’ll get you to open up blinds and curtains and turn off any bright overhead lights if needed.


The rest of the session will be fun and relaxed. I might give you some direction about what to do and where to go in the house depending what we're trying to achieve but for the most part I'll try to blend into the background. All family sessions will last for approx 1.5 hours, give or take a bit of time depending on how everything is going.


I want these sessions to reflect you as a family and what you love to do together! So think about some activities you enjoy together, such as cooking, board games, reading, riding, swimming etc. We can incorporate lots of these things into your session. If you want suggestions on some fun activities, I'm here to help! 

If you'd like to spend some time outside in your yard or a quick trip to a nearby park we will make sure to get there towards the end of the session. This is usually where I will leave you as it's a natural ending for the session. We will touch base before I leave to make sure we got all the shots you wanted and that you're satisfied with how everything went. That's it! Done! Easy right?

Adventure Sessions


On the day of your session we'll meet up at our arranged location. If you’re delayed or stuck in traffic, please text and let me know. I usually try and arrive early and scout out the best shooting locations and touch base with any retailers that we might wander into. Once you arrive I’ll spend some time getting to know your little ones and helping them feel comfortable with me before I get my camera out and start the session.

I’m very intuitive with children and have two of my own! I totally understand that they may be shy, nervous, tired or just having a bad day. I’ll do my very best to make the session fun and as relaxing as possible for you all! The best part is you will most likely be focused on having a blast that you won't really notice I'm there. I will not ask your children to smile or behave in a certain way! All I ask is that you show up ready to explore together and be open to getting close, connected and engaging with one another.


A family session is actually a beautiful time to stop and really take in what you have created and the incredible family that you are.


After your session, I will review and select the very best of the best (typically around 60 images), then edit those images and getting them up into your gallery. Within 2-3 weeks of your session, I’ll be in touch with your image gallery!


When you get your gallery link, I encourage you to make an event of it! Queue it up on your tv or a large computer screen and gather the whole family around (sound up!)… the first time you see your photos is always the best. Your gallery will be open for 5 days for your to decide which images to choose (or pick them all). After that I'll do some final edits and send them your way. I also have some amazing print and frame options we can go over at this point. I highly recommend printing and hanging your memories!

Do you have any COVID protocols in place?

Of course! Now that restrictions have loosened and we are able to welcome more people into homes, I am once again offering in-home sessions. Based on your comfort level of course. I am happy to wear a mask at all times indoors and at outdoor sessions as well if you choose. 

Can we do both adventure and in-home?

Umm yes! We can definitely have the best of both. We can either schedule a "Day in the Life" length session or we can break it up and do two session dates. Send me a note and we can connect about what works best.

What if it rains for our adventure?

Ahh the rain! This is going to be a game day call. We will always touch base the day before your session to see how everyone is feeling and go over the weather. If it's too rainy we can reschedule but often if you're dressed for it, rainy sessions can be the best. Puddles!

Can pets be part of our session?

Yes! In-home sessions are the perfect place to get ALL the pets in the frame. So bring out the geckos and guinea pigs! Adventure sessions are a bit trickier but dogs are definitely welcome as long as they are allowed at the location.

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