Hi, I’m Megan!


Thanks for visiting my page. I’m not very good with the humblebrag so here’s a few facts about me:


I’m a photographer based in Victoria BC. I love this island more than I can express but am dying to travel and photograph new places. Bucket list includes Ireland, Iceland, & Russia. 


I’m a Mom to 2 amazing kids. They make me equally proud and crazy each and every day. Taking pictures of them playing and enjoying life is my favourite thing in the world...other than going to punk shows with my husband. He still indulges the 20-year-old inside me.


I crave wide open spaces. When I’m having a day, a quick trip to the ocean will make everything better. My favourite beach is Rathtrevor in Parksville. I actually have a movie on my phone of the stillness that happens there that I watch when my life gets crazy. Which is often.


I wanted to be an animator for Disney when I was a kid and had a small racket of selling t-shirts to my friends featuring my signature cartoon character (Jam Packed…he was a pig in a speedo) .


I went to Broadcasting school and worked in radio for a long time which means I’m a ringer for any Music Bingo and Name that Tune team. My best radio moment was getting to play The Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the UK” at 5pm on a commercial radio station. 🤟🏻


I always remember having a camera—first crappy disposables, then point and shoot, now professional. I love to show the beauty of the world and the humans that live in it. I crave capturing those moments that are often missed but sometimes caught--a laugh, a tear, a look. When I can give you one of those, my heart is happy. 


I love telling stories through photos. Let’s connect. I’d love to hear yours! 




Help me get to know you & your people
Movie at home or at a theatre?
International vacation or new TV?
Hamburger or Taco?
Ocean or Mountains?
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