Hi! I'm Megan

I create and capture authentic connections for fascinating families in spaces that feel familiar.

Those afraid to get messy need not apply.



Let me guess...you're head of "Memory Making" for your family? Me too! So I know how hard it can be just to COME UP with fun ideas for family time, let alone, remember to take pictures when it's happening. That's where I come in. I'll tag along on your next adventure or hang out with you for family game night. That way all you have to do is sit back, relax and spend quality time with your kids while I do all the heavy lifting. Believe me, it is SO worth it to see the look on their faces when they get that double scoop of ice cream - in person - and then get to look back on that photo for years to come. 

Hey there!

Want to find out what my superpower is? I promise it will create gallery wall worthy art for your family!

Megan, you are a genius! These are fabulous! I can’t decide which one to post first they are all so beautiful!



Absolutely LOVED Megan and the photos she took for us! They were exactly what I was envisioning. Actually, I lied. They were BETTER!