I'm Megan

I believe that the beauty of life is truly in the ordinary. We often lose sight in the marathon of each day, but in the end, it was those moments you thought were mundane that really mattered most.

I think we should be able to look back at family photos and get a clear picture of what life was like at that time. The good and the bad. The beautiful and the raw. 

Real life isn't fully captured in posed pictures with perfect outfits. The real stuff is the little moments in your day. The walks to the park, bubbles in your backyard, lazy Sunday mornings. These are the moments we will yearn to re-live.


Megan made our photoshoot so easy and seamless. I was worried it was going to feel contrived but it all felt so natural. The candid shots are my favourites. I was SO happy with how they all turned out and am very glad I did this. Thank you Megan! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a family photographer.


Megan, you are a genius! These are fabulous! I can’t decide which one to post first they are all so beautiful!


Absolutely LOVED Megan and the photos she took for us! They were exactly what I was envisioning. Actually, I lied. They were BETTER!